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Established in 2007, THÉMAÉ is a cosmetic and spa brand which finds its inspiration in the Art of Tea.

Its founders Guillaume Lefèvre and Bertrand Thiery used their expertise in the pharmaceutical and spa fields to explore the many virtues of the four existing types of tea around the world: black, green, white and rooibos or “red tea”. They studied the benefits of each tea in order to extract the best one for the well-being of body and skin care by combining them with spring water to maintain their purity. THÉMAÉ, Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony, is available in high-end spas providing care with very specific rituals, but also through an expert line of cosmetics for face and body as well as hotel turn down and amenities.

The THÉMAÉ spa in Paris offers a full range of treatments and massages as well as all cosmetic products. The THÉMAÉ spa is part of La Badira Hotel Hammamet, Tunisia. The Setai Spa by THÉMAÉ is part of the The Setai Miami Beach hotel, USA. The Suite Spa by THÉMAÉ is part of the Castelbrac hotel, in Dinard ,France and the brand is also present in prestigious partner spas in numerous countries across 5 continents, including Stobo Castle in Scotland.