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Cutting Edge, Innovative, Responsible and Effective describes Nimue Skin Technology.

For over 20 years, in top city spas and high-end salons, we have been delivering effective results using quality, innovative ingredients in a controlled, non-aggressive manner.

Our treatment aims are to: rejuvenate, restore, provide anti-oxidants and protection to achieve healthy skin from the inside out. We look at skin in a unique way classifying based on conditions that are showing up together on the skin rather than individually.

Nimue is responsible in a variety of ways from ensuring that we don’t use known harmful ingredients in our products. To ensuring that at no stage of development are our products or raw materials tested on animals. Finally to looking environmentally by providing recyclable and refillable packaging where we can.

As a brand Nimue remains committed to the professional channel. Our education on skin is praised as some of the best and most informative training ever attended by therapists and it is this standard that defines the results that we can achieve for clients.